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Do not visit patients at Licking Memorial Hospital if you are ill.

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John & Teresa

"We could not control our use of drugs and alcohol. Nothing mattered but our disease and we fed it 24/7. We were hopeless, distraught and wondering why our lives, so productive at one time, had been completely lost to this thing that we could not control when we erroneously thought others did.

We both found Shepherd Hill in the summer of 2009 and it was that experience that saved us from the disease and gave us the capacity and crucial foundation to restart our lives. We live today in complete remission of our disease thanks to what we received at Shepherd Hill and our Twelve Step Programs that we continue to embrace.

Shepherd Hill saved our lives!"

"My treatment at Shepherd Hill had, and continues to have, a profound positive impact on my life. I was able to understand my disease of addiction and obtain the tools and skills necessary to treat it. I continue to use those tools and skills thirteen years later in my fullfilling and continuous recovery." - Nelson

"As one who was affected by a family member’s alcoholism, Shepherd Hill was truly a Godsend. It not only taught my loved one that you can live a happy, productive and sober life, but Shepherd Hill’s family education and “Ask the Doc” programs provided opportunities for me to better understand the disease of addiction and offered a safe, supportive environment to ask questions for myself and other family members. Shepherd Hill staff members were always willing and quite approachable regarding any and all questions I had regarding addiction and recovery. Thanks to Shepherd Hill, today I live with a happy, healthy family." - Diana